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The American experiment has faced down many challenges as the world's most enduring democracy. The basis for its past successes remains rooted in the resilience and determination of its citizenry to work in common purpose. George Washington stated, "The establishment of our new Government seemed to be the last great experiment for promoting human happiness." He has been the inspiration and the archetype for all who followed him, and was acknowledged in his day as "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen." He has remained so ever since.

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Produced by the Washington Political Film Foundation, The American Presidency on Screen is a project that seeks to help reverse today's trend toward political polarization that threatens the basic strengths that have underpinned the "great experiment." There are more great challenges and great decisions that will face today's and future Presidents. The Foundation's guiding principles are based on the free expression and exchange of ideas, respect for other opinions, and civility in discourse. This project is dedicated to unleashing the power of artistic creativity and film to engage the political, arts, and education communities to create a more purposeful path for constructive political dialogue.

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