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Budget Summary

The Foundation relies upon donations and contributions to support its educational mission.

The intent is to organize as many Events as the budget will support.

Costs for each Event will vary depending upon its scope and complexity.  Allocation of costs between the Foundation and the local organizing entity is determined in advance by mutual agreement.  More narrowly focused events such as seminars or short presentations provide additional options at reduced cost.


The variables in the budget are dependent upon how many films are screened, logistical costs associated with the appearance of subject matter experts (i.e., film directors, producers, actors, media and political personalities, journalists, visiting faculty, etc.), and the types and quantities of materials created in support of the event.


Operational and Legal Summary

Members of the Foundation leadership are serving as volunteers.  Future budgeting for the Foundation's growth assumes full-time, paid staff and dedicated office space to house this staff plus volunteers.

As the Foundation completes film events around the country and in Washington, the website will be updated.  After-action summaries of recent activities, including videos from different locations and events - will be created and posted here.

The Foundation is a registered and licensed non-profit corporation domiciled in the District of Columbia.  We operate under a DC Basic Business License and solicit contributions under the Charitable Solicitations category.

License Number 400218000743

The Foundation currently receives pro bono legal services as noted in the About Us section.  However, ordinary and necessary costs are accrued and fees are paid to ensure adherence to good business practices - for example, bookkeeping, accounting, insurance coverage for activities, etc. 


The Foundation is recognized in law as a public charity with an educational mission (IRS 501(c)(3) classification).

IRS classification confirmed in IRS Determination Letter to the Foundation dated April 9, 2009, with effective date of exemption as of January 12, 2009.

IRS classification reconfirmed by IRS Affirmation Letter to the Foundation dated August 13, 2018, from Director, Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements, IRS, US Department of the Treasury:

"Donors can deduct contributions they make to you as provided in IRS Section 170.  You're also entitled to receive tax-deductible bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts under IRC Sections 2055, 2106, and 2522.

IRS Affirmation Letter, August 13, 2018

Government of the District of Columbia tax exemption confirmed by Certificate of Exemption issued to the Foundation dated July 10, 2018. Certificate Number L0002185945

 You should consult your own tax advisor for further guidance as to deductibility of any donations.

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