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member of the board

david demarest

Board of Advisors
Board of Directors


Board of Directors

member of the board

Christine Heenan photo 2020.jpeg

christine heenan

Founder and President

Clarendon Group

Chairman & CEO

Lee Johnson Studio Photo cropped.jpg

lee johnson

Chief Executive Officer

member of the board

david demarest

Lecturer in Management

Graduate School of Business

Stanford University

                   Boston/New York                                               Washington                                                        Palo Alto

The White House

Senior Policy Analyst

Clinton Administration

Vice President

Public Affairs and Communications

Harvard University

Senior Communications Advisor

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Founder and President

The Clarendon Group

Senior VP for Global Policy

and Advocacy

The Rockefeller Foundation

Boston University

Senior Leadership Staff

106th & 107th Congress

Managing Director

Grassroots, Public Affairs Group



Senior Vice President

Public Affairs / GolinHarris

Former Adjunct Professor

The Florida State University

Vanderbilt University

The University of Alabama School of Law

The White House

Communications Director

Bush '41

Vice President for Public Affairs

Stanford University


Executive Vice President

Global Corporate Relations

Visa International

Executive Vice President and Director of Corporate Communications

Bank of America

Upsala College

Board of Advisors

Brian Tierney Photo 2020.png

Philadelphia PA

Charles Wheelan informal author

Hanover NH

schoenfeld head shot.jpg

Washington DC

Robert Traynham photo 2020.jpg

Washington DC

Lawrence J Haas.jpg

Washington DC

Mastin Robeson photo 2020.png

Landrum SC

Jason Altmire photo cropped.jpeg

Washington DC

Betsy Glick photo.jpg

Washington DC

Quincie Li - Headshot.jpg

Los Angeles CA

Vivien Mao image.JPG

Los Angeles CA

Chad Gervitch image_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Los Angeles CA

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