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Washington Political Film Foundation

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The Washington Political Film Foundation provides a unique, more purposeful path for constructive political engagement that unleashes the power, promise and creativity of film.


The American Presidency on Screen

A series of events throughout CY 2024 focusing upon the ways in which American Presidents and the institution of the Presidency have been depicted on film - in movies, on television, and in documentaries.

The Foundation will partner with Presidential libraries and other educational institutions to examine the historical impact of the Presidency and how film and television portrayals have influenced perceptions of the Oval Office and chronicled the power of Presidents from the founding of the Republic in 1789 to the current era.


The strength of American democracy and its historical traditions, the importance of the rule of law, and faithful service to the Constitution are the underlying themes of this initiative.

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The films listed within each category are displayed in descending order according to the date of their theatrical release in the United States

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Film Categories

War, Revolution, Propaganda & Protest

Treason, Espionage & Conspiracy

Justice at Supreme Court.jpg

Justice, Media &

The Rule of Law

Injustice, Freedom &

Civil Rights

Campaigns, Elections & Populism

Comedy, Romance &


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